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Wednesday, 20 February 2019



1. FollowBuzz

Your Reliable IG Analyzer and Instagram Cleaner! Everything about Instagram Followers, Instagram Followers, and those users who do not follow or block you back on Instagram.

Every Instagram user needs a quick insta report. In this way, you can track Instagram Followers and keep an eye on the popularity of your profile. You can detect unfollowers on Instagram. And unfollow Instagram unfollowers immediately!

Why choose FollowBuzz? Besides accurate Instagram statistics on followers and unfollowers, FollowBuzz is also a tool for a mass follow and unfollow for Instagram. You can track your likers and haters with just one click.

Here is why many Instagramers choose FollowBuzz:

  • Track Instagram followers 
  • Track who’s not following back
  • Track Instagram unfollowers
  • Track who you don’t follow back
  • Track Instagram blockers (who blocked me)
  • Check daily your gained and lost followers

With FollowBuzz, you are getting both audience analysis and post-analysis, where you can get a brief likes report with Instagram likes and Instagram comments. 

Why is it necessary to have a follower app? Every Instagram blogger should know what Instagram posts bring to more ig followers. So if you understand your audience, then you will develop your profile and avoid those unfollowing on Instagram. This is what an insta tracker for! 

Why our Instagram analytics is so accurate? Our daily insta report includes the following metrics:
- My non-followers (who didn’t follow me back)
- My Best Likers (likes on Instagram)

If you ever tried other Instagram analyzer, you probably saw that they track one or two parameters. 
FollowBuzz is several tools combined in one:
- Instagram tracker: check ig followers and unfollowers on Instagram
- Instagram cleaner: mass unfollow for Instagram unfollowers in one click. 

Connect with Instagram and always keep complete Instagram statistics! You are now in the hands of Instagram for Instagram Followers and Instagram. 
It’s time for your profile to shine with our insta tracker FollowBuzz. There is no need to find any other follower app or Instagram cleaner. Examine Instagram Followers and Instagram Exposures, like the report and analyze the Insta Choice. Make your profile clean of fake fans - unfollow Instagram unfollowers and keep in touch with Instagram followers who give you Instagram likes.

2. Planoly

Plan and schedule your Instagram posts with ease.

Planoly the first view planner and scheduler for Instagram. We're the end to end Instagram management platform. 

Manage your Instagram’s marketing campaigns and content visually before pushing it live. See your data and engagement rates for each post. Track and reply to comments directly on the app. Please keep in mind that we do not automatically post for you. We are 100% approved by Instagram.

3. FastSave for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram helps you save Instagram photos and videos on your device for free and forever.

Now you can download Instagram photos and videos using the fast wave for the Instagram App and download offline. You can also reposition them after saving.

This is different from Instagram for other photo and video downloader apps, it is very easy and fast to use for Download Video and Save HD photos.

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