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Thursday, 4 April 2019

How to get free Pubg mobile season 7 royale pass

This is the biggest question for people to get free Pubg mobile Season 7 Royale Pass.
And there are many such websites that waste people's time. And you will also have to do human verification to take the free UC (Unknown Cash) and BP. Then even after downloading an application, UC does not grow anything. So all such websites just waste your time.
So never trust such tricks. This can ban your PUBG MOBILE account. This is not legal in the eyes of PUBG. Then all your data will be deleted and you will have nothing except regret. So do not do anything so that your account is banned.

What is UC (Unknown Cash)? 

UC is the money that we can use to purchase a gun skin or dress in Pubg Mobile and other various items like. 
  • Pan Skin
  • Car Skin
  • Emotes 
  • Bag Skin
  • Dresses 
  • Helmets And Skin also
  • Shoes 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Caps
  • Airplane Skin 
  • For purchasing RP
  • And to buy crates so that we can unlock all these things. 
  • To upgrade standard pass to elite royal pass

    What is Elite Royale Pass

    We will give you lots of information about Elite Royal Pass

    Royale pass do are of a type.

    • Elite Pass
    • Elite Pass Plus

      Elite Pass 

      In this pass, you will only get an RP increase benefit. 

      Elite Pass Plus

      In this pass, you will only get an RP increase benefit plus exclusive gifts and other benefits from Pubg. 
      Just like you will get a position up to 25th ranks without completing the game's mission.

      So what to do in such a way that we get free Season 7 Royale Pass.

      So we will give you information about such an application from which you can earn royale pass. 
      So the name of this application is Databuddy
      So you can buy Pubg Mobile Royal Pass with the help of this app.

      In the Databuddy application, you will find a lot of things.
      Just for your royale pass purchase, you will have to complete some offers and Tasks with which you can purchase PUBG MOBILE SEASON 7 ROYALE PASS for free.

      So first we give you information about this application.

      Databuddy application is a social application. With this application, you can win Paytm and PayPal cash just by completing the offer and task. And you also get paid to share pictures and gif files in this application. Or if you like someone's pictures or gif, then this application will also give you more money.

      How to use Databuddy App to get Pubg Mobile Royale to pass free

      When you open the application, you will see this interface.

      Then you have to click on this offer and then you will see this interface.

      You will see many offers. You can choose any offer that you like best.
      And in the offers you have to download some application, you can get up to $ 15 or more.

      You can also use the application to refer to your friends and your family members. And most people are earning money by referring to this application and buying pubg mobile Season 7's royale pass from this amazing application.

      True Balance

      About this app

      With this application, you can check your balance. Recharge your bills, pay electricity and gas bills, DTH also.

      Some features
      • UPI payment and KYC Compliance
      • Gas & Electricity Bill Payment 
      • DTH Recharges
      • Postpaid Bill Payments and Prepaid Recharges
      • Balance Check & Balance Alert

      Now we will tell you how to buy royale pass for free using it.

      You can use this application by referring to it. If your friend or family member downloads these applications, you will get the money.

      Note: This trick will work only when you refer it to your friends or family members, then you will be able to earn as much money as you can. And many people using this trick have purchased the royale pass of Pubg mobile season 6. If you have to buy this, then you have to do some work. You can not buy it without hard work. There are many websites on YouTube or on Google that tell about the trick that can ban your pubg account. So please do not use such a trick that threatens your account. And we will tell you something that you probably will not know.


      These challenges are for the Indian Pubg Mobile player only.
      This Advantage is for the Indian Pubg Player, with its help you can buy UC (Unknown Cash) for free. You just have to play matches and win, you win the battle coins. On the other hand, these battle coins you can take parachute skin, the skin of Awm gun, backpack skin and dresses.

      We will tell you that you can win UC (Unknown Cash) quickly by playing it

      We will refer you that always play the novice match. In this match, all the beginner players come into the room, which will make it easy for you to win.
      And always played the match at night, did not play too many players at that time. At night you will get the advantage of winning these matches.

      All these queries are searched very much on Google.

      1. How to get free UC (Unknown Cash) in Pubg. 
      2. Which is the best app to give free UC (Unknown Cash) for Pubg mobile
      We cover all queries in this article so hope they help you. 


        Using these tricks, you can buy Elite Royale pass in a legal way. In all this trick we did not tell you any hacking trick. And you can win UC (Unknown Cash) and royale pass as you use our stated trick.
        Thank you for the full reading of this article. If you find this post helpful, then help others by sharing it on social media platforms. 

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