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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Pubg mobile 0.12.0 Beta Update - New Weapons, friends spectate and more

Pubg mobile 0.12.0 Beta Update - New Weapons, friends spectate and more.

New Changes in PUBG MOBILE 0.12.0 Beta Update.

The new update of Pubg mobile and we're going to show you the changes and additions we have in the new 0.12.0 Beta Update.
Season six of up geobiologist started a week back and now pub G is rolling out a global beta update which is the 0.12 this new update has few new features and bug fixes. let's talk about the new features and additions we have in this beta update.

In Zombie Mode

starting with the only zombie Adventure event mode and now we have two zombie event modes. the first one is the same as earlier and then we have the second mode in the description of this event it says we need to collect supplies during the day and fend off zombies in the night and you need to survive for 30 minutes and the last standing teams win around the spawn. The Area is also different and your team starts at a particular sown in the map you also have these new gather location of zombies. During the daytime, this new mode opens only any reason venture level of 5 which is mentioned in the game as mocha in rank.

New Weapon in Pubg mobile

Talking about a zombie mode now we have a new weapon RPG which is a rocket-propelled grenade launcher like (bazooka). it's difficult to find but very useful. especially for defeating tyrant the ammo is also limited but you can get more after defeating the boss.

Apart from this new weapon, there is also a new file crossbow in this update which I'm still not able to get during a match in terms of other changes. 

Cool Changes in Beta Update

we now have this new companion which is this Eagle and it's basically a cosmetic change. when it stays with your player during the whole match that eagle also changes the position according to your player this companion eagle is only visible to you and your team-mates so overall it's just a cosmetic change. but to be honest you also really like it that much and it is also optional and you can choose to keep the companion with you or send it back scope interface got some update. 

Now you can change crosshair color

Now you can change the color of the crosshair you have different options in the settings in terms of colors for each type of scope and also the quick scope option is also moved in the new menu so those of you who play a Chinese app save a while. 

Now your friends spectate your match

you must be aware of the option friendly spectated which allows you to spectate the match of your friend this option is now available in the 0.12 Beta update and now you can spectate your friend during their match and your friend can also see how many people are spectating in the chat menu. 

Get New Chat Wheel

Talking about the chat we now have this wheel option which you really liked and it's also time-saving there are a few things which don't work such as marking supply item doesn't mark it right now. I got supplies there is also a new menu for the chat in the inventory which allows you to change the chat conversation and it also allows you to set a male voice for the quick chat.

Now You Get A Real Chicken Dinner

Lastly now once you on your teammate wins the match you actually get to see a chicken dinner and guys I personally find these details pretty good which makes the oral experience of playing Pubg Mobile more interesting. So that's all, for now, these were the new things which we know so far in the 0.12 beta update of the Pubg Mobile. 


let us know if you like any of these changes and also if you know anything else about this new update do tell us in the comment section below and if you like this blog then please press the like button and subscribe to our blog Techizz Looks for more new interesting topics.

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