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Monday, 8 April 2019

Tik Tok ban in India

Tik Tok Ban In INDIA

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a famous application that has a lot of users around the world. We can make 15 seconds short videos in Tik Tok App, you can do acting, dance, comedy, shorts vlog, DIY. dance and acting on Bollywood and Hollywood songs.

What are the features of Tik Tok App?

You can take your video to the next level using these special effects. Such as special filter effects, funny songs and music, crazy stickers and more.

Tik Tok Ban In INDIA 

Guys, if you are not using TikTok, it can be very sad or happy, if you are not using it. Madras High Court has asked the Central Government to ban Chinese App TikTok. This order has been issued by Madurai bench of the High Court. There are over 200 million downloads in India and this is especially popular in smaller cities. The app is free to download, however, users may have to pay for some in-app purchases. This is not the first time when TikTok is in disputes. Earlier, many experts had expressed concern over the use of Tiktok in trying to target children and Teen-Agers. Here all of you should know about the 'ban' on TikTok.

Directions issued by the Madras High Court:-

  • The government has been instructed to stop downloading the TikTok App.

  • Media is restricted from broadcasting videos created using the TikTok App.

  • The government has been instructed to create a law like the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, implemented by the United States to prevent children from becoming cyber/online victims in India.

Why did Tik Tok be banned:-

Its purpose was to prevent the promotion of pornography.
The Madras High Court further said that in connection with the child using the Tiktok App can come in contact with Sex Criminals and it is very problematic.

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Court tells Tiktok App to be 'dangerous': -

In order, the Madras High Court considers Tictok's "inappropriate" content as "dangerous aspect" of the app. The court further said that there is a possibility of danger for children who are directly approaching strangers.

The court order came in response to a public interest petition, in which he had demanded a ban on the app, claiming that it "degrades harassing material and culture".

The app is already restricted in countries like Indonesia and Bangladesh.
At the end of last month, TikTok had launched the Localized Version of its 'Safety Center' in India. Recently, TikTok has launched the Localized Version of its Safety Center in India. In this, 10 Indian languages ​​include Safety Policies, Tools and Resources. These embody Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi. 


It is wrong to ban Tik Tok. Rather it should make some improvements. On banning Tik Tok, tiktok users will use any new application except Tiktok. Tik tok users should also keep in mind that these videos are also seen by the children. We all should stop promoting this video to stop such video or do not like this video. With this, the creator will not get the likings, then he will stop making such filthy video. This has its messy effects on young children. And we should report such video to. 

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