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Monday, 1 July 2019

How to get famous on tik tok 2019

How to Get Famous on Tik Tok 2019

Today all the people want to be famous on tiktok but due to some of their mistakes, they are not famous. So today we tell you how to famous on TikTok. And how to correct your mistakes.

1. Consistency

The first way to be famous on Tiktok is to make a daily video and upload it. If you want to be famous on Tiktok or any platform, upload the video there every day. This method will help you very much to be famous on tiktok. Because tiktok will be promoting your video due to its consistency, and new people will be able to see it, so consistency is important for being famous.

2. Always Participate in Challenges

There are new challenges every week on Tiktok, in which you can participate. And tiktok users like to watch such a video. You can be very famous for making such a challenge video. And sometimes the tiktok company also gives gifts to those champions. These gifts often have new phones such as Apple iPhone. So you always take part in these challenges. And after watching your video people also check your profile, with this help you for increasing followers.

3. Use All Trending #Hashtags

Whenever you upload a video, do not forget to use a hashtag in it. The hashtag will prove to be very helpful for you whenever you upload any video. Because this hashtag will help you grow your account. And keep in mind that you always use the trending hashtag.

4. Collaborate with other Popular TikTok Users

By collaboration with the other tiktok user, your Tiktok account will be identified with new followers. And you can collaborate with a user whose fan following is much more than your fan following. By doing this trick people will be able to know about you. When you upload collaborating videos keep in mind mention their profile in the description, So their followers can watch your videos and follow you. And nowadays people like to watch the video with the group. So try to make a video of collaboration with the famous tiktoker.

5. Use Proper Lighting

It is very important to have good lighting to make videos. But the user does not pay any attention to it, it is very important to have good lighting to make a video. You will also be seen on your tiktok which is a verified user, all of their video lightings is very good. Or more than half of the users use ring lights to make tiktok videos. Due to good lighting, the video looks very amazing, and such videos get more likes and comments too.

If you want to buy these lights then the link is below. You can buy cheap and good lights from there. For your tiktok videos.

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6. Stability

Tiktok's video stability is an important part because if the video does not have stability, then it does not look good to watch videos and do not even like to watch such a video. Famous users use a mobile stand to create a stable video. It is very difficult to make a video by holding the mobile in hand. If you want to be famous on tiktok then you should take care of all these small things. And you have a mobile stand to make a video.

If you want to buy this mobile stand then the link is given below. You can get cheap and good quality from there.

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7. Share Your Video on Your Social Accounts

The best way to promote your video is to share your videos on your social media accounts. If you tell someone to like my video, they will not be interested if you will share your video on social media account, such as Facebook Instagram YouTube, people will like to see if they are good. If your video is liked by people, then it's also a chance that your video gets viral. So make a good video and share it with your social accounts so that you can help you to grow your tiktok account.

8. Make a Positive Content

Good content can play a big role to grow your tiktok account. Make some such videos so that people get a good message. And do not upload any videos that harass or hurt people. Because a good video will help you a lot, being famous on tiktok. So, keeping in mind the fact that people can get a good message from your videos. So try to create good and positive content on tiktok.

9. Be Unique

If you want to be famous on tiktok then you do not copy someone's content. Make yourself a content by which people will copy it and with its help you get famous. Make some videos that are trending. Make some videos that no one has ever made and people with that content can get good messages or they can be entertained.

10. Use Hate Comments as Motivation

Whenever you get popular, your haters will definitely be. And these are people who do not do themselves or do not want others to do it. So keep away from these people and ignore them. And if you get a bad comment, do not get frustrated and understand it as motivation and return to work.


If you really want to be famous on tiktok, then you have to take care of all these small things and making this video, it will have to pay attention to all these things. These tricks will definitely help you.  So that's all for now if you like this video then please press subscribe button to our blog Techizz looks. For more like this once again this is a note signing off and I'll see you in the next one.


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