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Monday, 29 July 2019

How to get free uc in pubg mobile

You must know that now pubg-mobile is the most famous game in the world. And children or adults, this pubg mobile is very much like everyone. And most people take great interest in playing it.

There are some players who are royale pass-bought and they have royale pass related outfits, guns skin, and attractive emotes and much more. And all these rewards are given to those who have a royale pass purchase.

So there are some people who do not have a royale pass, they feel jealous, who have the royale pass with them.

So for all the people who can not buy the PUBG Mobile UC & royale pass, we have a great application. With the help of this application, those people can also buy Pubg mobile UC & royale pass who do not have any money to buy Pubg Mobile UC & royale pass. And we can help our friends and family members too to buy Pubg Mobile UC & royale pass.


So we can tell you about two applications that you can easily buy pubg mobile UC and Royale Pass.

So the name of the first application in the list is ELITE ROYAL PASS & UC FOR PUBG.

So with this application, you can buy free PUBG MOBILE UC. You have to open this application and you will see a lot of options in it.

1. You will see a lucky card option which will give you UC every 10 minutes is nothing but you have to open the application every 10 minutes. And collect the UC on the lucky card and have to redeem it. This application gives you a UC payment from a genuine method.

2. You can also earn UC in another way.  You have to share this application with your friends.  And per share, you will get 2 UC.
You can earn this PubG Mobile UC by using this trick by sharing this application to your friends or family members.

3. In this app, you also get the option of lucky lifafa with which you can earn a UC. We get many options in this application from which we can easily earn Pubg Mobile UC.

Use this trick to get Pubg mobile UC Free.

You can earn free Pubg Mobile UC with these tricks

  • First, you have to download this application. HERE
  • Now open this application and sign up. You can sign up with your phone number or Google account.
  • And you can use this code 199367 to earn extra UC.
  • And after finishing all this process you can earn Pubg Mobile UC by sharing this application to your friends. And the more you share this application, the more you can earn the UC.
  • And this app will send direct UC to your account. All you have to do is enter your pubg user name.

    The name of the second app is rozdhan This application is considered a great application for referring and earning. And a lot of people have made money using this application.

    And there are so many features in this app that you can easily earn money and you can buy app pubg mobile UC or ROYALE PASS from that money.

    Follow this Trick to buy UC from Rozdhan application

    Highly Recommended 

    • So you have to download this application before you can earn UC. Click here to Download
    •  Now you have to sign up in rozdhan app with your mobile number.
    • As soon as you sign up, you will get 25 cash added to your rozdhan account.
    • And to add an additional 25 rupees, you have to enter this code 00HLTZ in your rozdhan account so that you get extra money like everyone else too.
    • Then you also have to send this application to all your friends so that they can download you are earning.
    • And take care of a special thing to tell about this post to your friends who want to buy Pubg UC or buy a royale pass. Because of your share, they can also buy UC and take Royale Pass too.

    And you can also buy such a royale pass of Pubg Mobile new season 8. And the new costumes, gun skin, bag skin, and even more can be enjoyed.


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