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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Pubg mobile New Yamaha Bike Skin Collaboration in Pubg Mobile

Pubg mobile x Yamaha Collaboration in pubg mobile

Today we have got another leak of pubg mobile. And those leaks are PUBG MOBILE x YAMAHA's COLLABORATION.

Pubg Mobile x Yamaha Collaboration in Pubg Mobile

A brand new bike skin is coming in pubg mobile. And we are going to see this skin in the pubg mobile soon.

Vidoe of Pubg Mobile and Yamaha Collaboration

In this video, you will get to see brand new Yamaha bike skin.

This Yamaha bike skin was first released in the Chinese version of pubg mobile. And now this Yamaha bike skin is going to be released in the global version of pubg mobile.

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Two New Yamaha bike skin in Pubg Mobile

So above you are going to see two new bike Yamaha skin in the video. And both Yamaha's bike skin is looking very attractive.

It is a very good thing that pubg mobile Yamaha Skin is releasing in the global version.

Name of Two New Yamaha bike Skin

So one of them is named MWT9. And the other bike has a T7 Concept.

Both of these bike skin is looking very cool to watch. And you will get to see both of the above videos.

Release date of New Yamaha bike skin in Pubg Mobile

The date has not been confirmed yet when the new Yamaha bike skin will be released in pubg mobile.

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So guys, we just got so many leaks about this New Yamaha bike skin. As soon as we get to post more leaks about it, we will post an article on this topic. So you click on the bell icon and when we post an article, then a notification will come to you.

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