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Monday, 29 June 2020

Pubg mobile season 14 trailer and leaks (100 RP outfit)

Pubg mobile season 14 trailer and leaks (100 RP outfit)

Pubg Mobile Season 14 Trailer and Leaks

So guys finally leaks of season 14 arrived. So today we are going to show you some trailer and leaks of pubg mobile season 14 in this article.

And if you see those leaks, you guys will enjoy it.

So we do as we said before. We first show you the leaks of season 14 pubg mobile.

Here are the trailer leaks of pubg mobile season 14.

So go and watch this pubg mobile season 14 leaks and trailer first.

In the leaks of this pubg mobile season 14, you have been shown the 100 RP mythic outfit of royale pass season 14.

Season 14 Royale Pass UAZ skin

In the video, you will first see the UAZ, which has camouflage like skin and has already been in such skin pubg mobile.

And you will see the full look of UAZ in the video above. If you do not have this skin or missed this chance before. So my friends this time to buying Season 14 royale pass for this UAZ skin and many more.

100 RP Outfits of Season 14 Royale Pass (AVIAN TYRANT SET) 

Which we have been waiting for in every season, the full show has been done in the above video.  Yes, 100 RP Outfit which is very attractive and cool looking in this season 14 pubg mobile.

And the name of this 100 RP set is AVIAN TYRANT SET Which we are going to see in season 14 pubg mobile.

When the images of this AVIAN TYRANT SET were leaked earlier, this season 14 Avian Tyrant Set Outfit did not look good but now when its full Outfit has been revealed in the video, then it was found that it is going to be the best 100 RP Outfit of pubg mobile ever.

Season 14 Royale Pass M416 Skin

This season 14's Royale Pass will give you the skin of the M416. Which are looking very cool in appearance.

If you want the skin of M416, then definitely buy Royale Pass of this season 14.

Red Commander Outfit

In season 14, you are going to see another mythic outfit. Whose name is Red Commander Outfit. And you will find this Outfit in the video above.

Season 14 Helmet Skin

And in this Pubg Mobile Season 14, you are going to get helmet's skin like an outfit of 100 RP.

This Season 14 helmet skin is going to look like some unicorn and looks very attractive.

Get free Season 14 Royale pass

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So guys we are going to see two mythic outfits in this season 14 and both are looking very cool. At the end of the pubg mobile season 14  video, you will get to see the airplane's skin too but they are not looking clear right now. But right now its high definition images will also come.

So guys, how did you like, you must tell us by commenting in the above video.

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